POS in the Clouds


Turn any mobile device into a fully featured POS! NebuPOS is a complete point-of-sale solution, hardware independent, that can used with any thin-client or mobile device (iOS® based iPAD®, iPhone® or iPod touch®, Linux-based, Android®-based or Microsoft® based device).


A Lean, Mean, Cloud POS Machine


The NebuPOS is powered by Android 4.2 and a 1.2GHz quad core ARMS architecture processor. That means it is ultra high performance with less power consumption compared to X86 architecture systems. Less power consumption means lower energy costs for your business and less carbon footprint for the environment, a win-win for everyone!



Identity Crisis Can Sometimes Be a Good Thing


NebuPOS is a multi-functional POS device. Besides a cloud POS, it can also function as a WIFI access point, digital signage, mobile device holder / charger and a legacy device hub. With so many funtions in one device, it helps lessen your technology maintenance and costs.



Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, the Applications are Limitless!


NebuPOS is so versatile it can be used for small businesses or global enterprises. For retail, NebuPOS can offer real-time live access and information integration within a network. Hospitality industry can greatly benefit from the streamlined order process, increased service quality and customer experience. Logistics can seamlessly integrate across all platforms across their total supply chain. Contact us now to learn how your business / organization can benefit from NebuPOS!

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